Abstract submission guidelines

Abstract submission is now closed. Submission decisions were announced in November 2014.

We apologize for the length of this form, however the information is required. We suggest you follow these easy steps to submit a presentation and if you need any assistance, please contact isps2015nyc@natalieshear.com.

Easy steps to submit a presentation for ISPS NY 2015

  1. Decide on whether you wish to submit a paper, panel/ symposia etc.
  2. Select a theme from the suggested list.
  3. Prepare a 300 word abstract omitting names for blind review purposes (meet the author is the exception).
  4. Prepare Learning Objectives for your submission. Provide 3 learning objectives if a session is shorter than 3 hours (6 if over 3 hours).
  5. Prepare a brief biographical sketch (40-50 words) and prepare a CV that is not more than 2 pages.

Once you have prepared these materials, go to the Submission Form at http://isps2015nyc.org/abstract-submissions and begin to fill in the blanks. You will see that there are several links along the way that will provide examples of the materials requested.

Fill in ALL the blanks. Attach the documents you have already prepared and you will have completed the Submission Form.

We appreciate your time and your patience. If you run into any problems, contact isps2015nyc@natalieshear.com

Additional Information for presenters:

Suggested themes:

A major theme of the conference is Dialogue. We encourage all presenters to allow time for discussion.

  • integration or comparison of models, treatment modalities, philosophies 
  • recent developments in psychosocial treatments 
  • service user initiatives 
  • psychotherapies, drama, arts, and music therapies 
  • the interaction with genetics, epigenetics, and neurology 
  • subjective and lived experience of service users and families 
  • phenomenology and culture 
  • social/cultural factors 
  • recovery-definitions, experience, research 
  • the history of psychosis and psychosocial treatments 
  • the role of trauma 
  • integration of medication and psychosocial treatments 
  • education/training of students, staff, or peer workers

Types of submissions

  • Papers - 20 minutes with 10 minutes for discussion
  • Panels/Symposia - 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hour including discussion, may include two, three, or more participants
  • Workshops - 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours, opportunity for active audience participation and learning
  • Meet the Author - 30 minutes of discussion of a recently published book
  • Posters - for presentation of research, projects or programs, or other work on conference themes


Please note if you are presenting a poster at the New York conference, the average size is 48 inches x 72 inches or 121.9 cm x 182.88 cm.  Posters will be mounted directly on walls with special tape which will be supplied. If you have any questions, contact Natalie@natalieshear.com.

All presenters must register and pay for the conference.

Audio Visual Requirements: We encourage all submissions to allow time for discussion and hope that any audio visual will be kept to a minimum. Projection equipment is very costly so be sure it is essential to your presentation before requesting it.

For questions, contact isps2015nyc@natalieshear.com.