B&Bs and room share options

Bed and Breakfast accomodation in New York City



Room Share

If you are looking to share a room or have a room or home to share for the 19th International Conference of the ISPS please join the new Listserv to communicate with others seeking the same. Please email JESSARENELLA@GMAIL.COM with the Subject line “ROOM LIST” to be added to the list. Please do not send any other personal information, you will post your request or offer of accommodations on the list yourself. This list is only for people attending the ISPS 2015 conference who would like to share a hotel room, have space in their homes to offer, or are looking for a place to stay. This list is by invitation only, for people who have contacted ISPS who are interested in room or house sharing for the conference.


ISPS has prepared this page with information about alternative forms of accommodation which may be cheaper than hotels. However, ISPS is not recommending or in any way endorsing these options. ISPS is not responsible for the accommodations or their locations. We advise you to check the information provided on these sites carefully and to make sure you feel comfortable with anyone you are sharing accommodations with.